Principal Desk

Welcome to Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Institute of Technology, an institution of higher education that produces human resources, experts and professionals in Engineering, Architecture and Management.

The ultimate vision is of imparting high quality education to national community of students and scholars. Our undergraduates as well as postgraduate students receive guidance and learning opportunities in an environment that values talent and innovation. Our college has made consistent efforts to develop modern infrastructures and mechanisms, and a capable academic faculty supported by efficient management to provide an effective platform for nurturing young generations.

Thanks to our dedicated staff and highly motivated students, the college vision is to produce ranking as a provider of need-based knowledge, training and exposure.

Our ability to deliver and the recognition that we receive strengthen our resolve to diversify our knowledge-based services to the society. Our teaching and learning modules and niche areas of research are relevant nationally and internationally. They are designed to impart knowledge of current issues and modern perspectives.

It is fair enough to characterize DSIT with 3 keywords that define what it stands for and what it is known for: Innovative, Relevant and Sustainable. We believe in presenting new ideas and methods for doing something different but worthwhile. This is borne out of our conviction that innovation drives progress in the society and helps us face the challenges as they arise. To be relevant, we focus on matters that need to be timely addressed. Our capacity of endurance in the face of rapidly changing educational landscape, research priorities and international benchmarks is a testimony of the sustainability paradigm.

Please visit our website to learn more about the college, our study programmes, research areas of interest, admission procedures and job opportunities. You can make use of this information to help you with your career choices and gain access to the staff, should you require further interaction.

Lastly, let me share with you that DSIT prides itself in having a vibrant campus life and an environment that promotes cultural harmony, and love for knowledge and nature. Location of the college in Samayapuram, the district headquarters of Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, known for its multicultural and cosmopolitan attributes in addition to the beauty of the Rock fort and the recreational avenues are ideal for those who wish to stay to pursue their careers.


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